Necessities for Navajo & Hopi Elders 

Our core mission is to provide food, firewood, and medical supplies to the elders.   

Food Runs

This is our primary means for achieving our core mission.   Each spring and fall we carry over two tons of supplies to the Hopi & Navajo Reservations.  Getting supplies to the Reservations is always a challenge and volunteers are always appreciated. 


Many of the supplies are delivered door-to-door.  Few elders drive and even fewer have "chitties" (cars).   Some elders will get together for lunch and visiting.   This is a time for renewing friendships and catching up on what's happening. Food runs may be the only time many of the elders see each other.

Medical Supplies

Simple items that we're accustom to popping down to the drugstore to pick up may be difficult for elders to obtain.   First, there's the issue of transportation or lack of it.   Second, items are expensive.   Third, selection is limited.   

Firewood and Food

​Wood and coal are the primary heat source for our elders.   Early each winter we provide each elder with a load of firewood.   They will use 12-16 load during the course of the winter.   

We also provide each elder with a $25 food certificate to be used at one of their local stores.   This gives them a little extra for a Holiday meal since many of the winter Holidays come at the end of the month.

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