Our Mission

  •   Provide food, clothing, medical supplies, & firewood to Navajo & Hopi elders seeking to maintain their        traditional life-style on their reservations

  •  Build bridges between cultures

  •  Encourage Hopi & Navajo artists to continue to produce their unique, traditional arts & crafts 

Our People

Robert Marzec

Robert handles the job of Controller, writer, editor, keep Cheryl out of trouble, etc.   believe me, that last one is a big job!   He's committed to the elders, managing the money, and insuring we never miss a food run.   Because of Covid-19, we canceled our Spring Food Run 2020.   This is the first cancellation since we started over 20 years ago.   

Cheryl Marzec

Guess I'm the one who started this thing. Maybe that's why Robert made me president.   I saw a need and packed some bags with things I knew the elders needed and with Winnie Henry's help started delivering them. Boy were they surprised when we showed up at their doors.  That was the beginning.

Joni Glynn

Besides being on the Board of Directors, Joni is our Development Dir.  She's also owns BizWear, a local company suppling uniform apparel.   Through her company and contacts, Joni has been able to provide much needed clothing and shoes to our elders and their families.   

Dee Setalla

Dee is key when it comes to serving our Hopi elders.   The Setalla Ranch, where he lives above Keams Canyon in Northern Arizona, is our staging area for food runs and a beautiful place to hold events with our elders.   He is a traditional Hopi potter and respected by the elders.  Without that, the elders would not welcome us into their homes and hearts.

Winnie Henry

Without Winnie, Sumi Nungwa would not be what we are.   She is a traditional Navajo elder who lives by Canyon de Shelly, Arizona.   Winnie always had a strong desire to help her people.   When Cheryl & Robert approached her years ago about helping the elders, she was the gateway.  Because of the elders' trust in her, they allowed we outsiders into their homes and into their hearts.

Barbara Shirley

Barbara is passionate about helping her Navajo elders and preserving her culture!   She has watched her mother, Winnie Henry, and us for years as we have served the elders.   Now she is stepping up and becoming just as key as her mother.   Photos?    It's amazing what lengths to which she'll go to avoid having her photo taken.