Sumi Nungwa

A Hopi phrase meaning to come together to help and benefit one another with no expectation of reward


Sumi Nungwa is a focused non-profit 501c3 corporation serving Hopi and Navajo elders residing on their reservations in Northern Arizona.  We have developed personal relationships with our Hopi & Navajo elders and their families.  By understanding their individual needs we can provide not only food and medical boxes but personal and other items that make their lives more comfortable.    We also sell traditional Hopi & Navajo art & crafts to help Native atists earn money and continue to practice their art.

Food for Elders

Our mission from the beginning has been to provide food to our Navajo & Hopi elders.  Every fall we purchase food and other needed supplies, take them to the Hopi & Navajo Reservations in Northern Arizona and deliver them to our elders.   The last several years, we have hauled over a ton of food to the reservations.   


Over the years we have had several groups join us for a variety of service projects. They've done everything from roofing hogans and homes, cleaning up & recycling trash, building traditional stone bread ovens, and any other projects the elders and their families needed help with.   More than that, they've learned about the Hopi & Navajo cultures and spent time with the people. Interacting with the Native people is as important as learning to fix a roof.

Get Involved

There are many great ways to get involved and help the Navajo & Hopi elders and their families. As an individual or a group, there are many things you can do to benefit them.

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